Landschoof Marketing und Consulting GmbH


Due to the scope of our performance, Landschoof GmbH is able to assume the entire duties of an in-house marketing section - plus factor: a flexible, wide-spread and reliable network.

We do nothing half-heartedly or casually but rather concentrate on core competences of professionals. For that reason our past and present co-operations are characterized by a prosperous, long-run and comprehensive marketing-assistance.

Case Studies:

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Brand introduction Germany

A Canadian issuing house establishes its European office in Germany. Landschoof GmbH has squired the group of companies for some years. Our duties and responsibilities contained:

  • Launching of the brand (German market)
  • Production of corporate video and trailer
  • Development, design and programming of up-to-date and well-accessible web-presence with respect to search engine optimization. Implementation of user-friendly Content-Management-System (CMS) and adjacent online-marketing-guidance
  • Production of issue prospectus under consideration of German rules and regulations
  • Conceptual design, Layout, creation of corporate and product adverts
  • Production of sales-attendant material

Support for a Fort Worth, Hamburg and Munich-domiciled issuing house

  • Concept, text, design and implementation of web-presence using the CMS Typo3. Polyglot web-presence (e.g. eastern European language) containing two websites for different lines of product at this time.
  • Graphic conception and production of issue prospectus incl. text about market situation and issuer
  • Arrange legal advice (Landschoof GmbH network) to implement German regulations
  • Production of sales-attendant material

Trade fair conception and realization for German real estate sales company

Duty: Find new sales-contacts for an innovative real estate product via trade fair presence (DKM)

  • Booth conception and buildup in co-operation with booth builder (Landschoof GmbH network)
  • Extensive escort-program incl. give-away, engagement of VIP, tombola, raffle of condominium
  • Conceptual design for trade fair- and aftercare-adverts
  • Conception of trade fair-attendant material
  • Supervision and assistance at trade fair

Publisher marketing

Ms. Bärbel Landschoof assists a medium-sized finance-sector -focused publishing house from the start till going public ten years after foundation.

  • Jointly responsible for commercial and sales management and responsible for marketing management
  • Editing of entire sales data for going public
  • Implementation and supervision of editorial operated web-search engine during and after going public with an advertising budget of some million Euro
  • Supervision of branch-newsletter in Frankfurt – commercial management and marketing
  • Supervision of 15-headed Call Center in southern Germany that once co-operated with the publishing house and held a substantial address database

This long-time experience enables Ms. Bärbel Landschoof to advice small and medium-sized publishing houses. The conception and texting of Newsletter can be handled as well as the management of sales activities.